Approximately 10,000 commercial building fires in the US per year, are you #prepared?

Nature is a force beyond human control but your business isn’t. Be #prepared

Natural disasters are scary. Losing your business may be scarier. #prepare

Nature and technology don’t always get along, but one we can control, the other we can’t. Be #prepared

Earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches can directly and indirectly affect business #prepare

Tornados leave a trail of devastation. Protect your family, friends, and business #prepare

It’s not enough to have a business continuity plan down on paper. Real life testing is necessary to validate assumptions. Get more tips here:

Flooding comes with little notice. Don’t let your business drown in #downtime be #prepared

All disasters have technology, people and process implications. Check out this Disaster Survival Guide to ensure that your business is prepared for all three. #dataprotection