What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Many small, and medium sized businesses can’t afford the IT infrastructure required to safeguard their computers and data. Large companies set up a separate data center. When the main server goes down, they can bring their systems back online rapidly. That way, the organization hardly skips a beat due to the event.
But to do that successfully, a company must maintain all the physical space, hardware, software, power, and cooling that it has in place at headquarters—and that’s an expensive business proposition. Further, the organization has to have enough trained IT personnel to run such an operation.


Rosincloud Inc. has the answer. We use a combination of Desktop as a Service, and Virtualizing your current servers to get your company back up and online quickly after a disaster. Using your Hard Drives or your Tape backup we can get your data back online in as little as 4 hours. With our Desktop as a Service approach, we can have all of your company or just key members back online and working in as little 1 hour, and for as little as $10.00 per week per desktop. Should you require them for a long term they can become as affordable as $20.00 a month.

Once you and your company are ready to reestablish your network and servers back in your office, Rosincloud offers Network as a Service as well. We will preconfigure your routers with 4G wireless fail-overs and your POE switch’s, install and monitor them and replace them forever for a single low monthly fee.

We have equipment standing by, are are ready to sever your companies needs, but don’t wait too long, there is a limited supply of equipment.

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