Desktop as a Service

Modern business and technology continue to grow in complexity, so does the support knowledge required to provide today’s business software. Keeping pace with evolving technology and regulations, hiring and managing an IT staff to support and maintain on-site/WAN IT infrastructures and implementing appropriate accesses and security can be difficult to reconcile against providing quality services at a competitive cost. Whether you are a small business, or multinational organization leveraging company-provisioned hardware, or using personal devices, IT just got a lot easier!

With RosinCloud’s Desktop as a Service, we can provide a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that increases performance while lowering costs and risk. With VDI, multiple desktops can be hosted from a central server, enabling executives, office and field staff to access virtual desktops online from anywhere.

Key benefits of Desktop as a Service include:

  • Enables Thin Clients – business can reduce device costs and demands to update hardware, as machines often require less computing power to connect to virtual desktops
  • Lower Support Costs – all support is provided centrally and is seamless to users
  • Enhanced Security – All data is stored remotely, not on the hard drives of end-user devices
  • Lower License Costs – Only users who need specific software will have access and require a license
  • 24-hour Access – Users can access virtual desktops over the Internet anytime, instead of relying on access to computer hardware or labs
  • Low Cost Disaster Recovery and Data Backups

With RosinCloud’s Desktop as a Service, we have lowered the cost of implementation and deployment through the utilization of established VDI resources. Through our IT Assessment process, we can help define your requirements and outline an implementation roadmap that includes cost comparisons for savings details.

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