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Rosincloud Inc is a process serving and legal support company based out of Florence, OR. Our focus is on assisting our clients in the most efficient and professional manner possible. We are able to provide prompt, reliable process services, court filings, and legal forms through the states of Washington, Oregon, and the continental United States.

Our company provides complete personalized solutions for all types of clients, ranging from small firms to large businesses, as well as private individuals searching for cost-effective and trustworthy process services and legal support. Attorneys, collection agencies, landlords—we are here for you! Rosincloud a full-service business, and we know the unique legal landscape of the state of Oregon. This local expertise allows us to effectively serve our clients.

The goal at Rosincloud Inc. is to be your first choice and to offer the fastest services at the most affordable price. Whether your documents are to be served down the street or down a remote rural lane, you can rely on our professionally trained and experienced servers. Each one of our staff has a comprehensive understanding of ethical and legal procedures


Serving Legal documents (Process Service):

Garnishments, FED’s, Affidavits.

At Rosincloud Inc, we specialize in legal process serving for local law firms, corporations, small businesses, and private individuals. Our legal document process serving is quick and efficient, thanks to our central location on the Oregon Coast, allowing us to easily reach locations around the state, in neighboring states, and indeed, around the continental United States. When you need a legal form process server, all it takes is one phone call.

Attorneys are familiar with process serving of legal documents, but often members of the general public are not aware of what steps to take. More often than not, they are not sure where to turn in the event they must serve legal documents. That is why our service exists, to provide clear and honest legal advice, including legal process serving.

If you have brought a lawsuit against another party, notice must legally be provided to the persons affected by your lawsuit. This means making an exact and complete “true copy” of the claim, motion, complaint, or petition filed in court, and hand-delivering it to the other party together with a Summons setting forth the response deadline regarding appearances in court. There are consequences to failure to respond. If you are unfamiliar with this process, allow our legal form process server service to take over.

Oregon e-Filing:

Rosincloud Inc, offers prompt filing in all state and federal courts, as well as public offices, in every city across the country. Based out of Florence, OR, our legal form filing and court document filing services are supplied for a base rate of $35 for general services. To obtain a full and accurate quote on your required court filings, please contact our staff directly and explain the exact nature of your request and assignment.

All completed court filings are confirmed with you, the client, and updated as necessary. Filings that are pending are consistently tracked, and the status provided upon completion of the assignment.

All Rosincloud Inc. support staff and affiliates share this concept to provide high-quality service no matter what the assignment. To schedule court filings, please call our offices.

Skip Tracing:

Location services in order to find an individual to effectuate service of process.

Why Hire Us

Whether you are an attorney, collection agent, landlord, or private individual, Rosincloud here to help. Our full-service process serving company is located in Florence, OR, and serves the Coastal, Oregon area and beyond—we serve legal documents in Oregon, Washington, and nationwide. A profound knowledge of process serving plus rigorous training ensures that our staff represents you with the utmost in care and respect at all times.

The mission and main objective of Rosincloud to create lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on integrity, mutual respect, and honesty—all of which builds trust. We accomplish this by providing our clients with superior customer service, including a single point-of-contact for all of their legal support and process serving needs. All of this is yours with just a quick phone call, offered at the most competitive rates in the local marketplace!

When you need assistance with legal process serving, legal support, court filings, or legal forms, we are here to help you make it happen quickly and with minimal effort on your part. Let us take over and ensure everything goes smoothly. To learn more, please contact the Rosincloud Inc. near Florence, OR today!


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