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Tornados leave a trail of devastation. Protect your family, friends, and business #prepare http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/dtq674ymdfjtu/636698762471788760?userid=d5xup3axei1dx

It’s not enough to have a business continuity plan down on paper. Real life testing is necessary to validate assumptions. Get more tips here: http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/56yc3q54x6x6 http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/56yc3q54x6x6 http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/56yc3q54x6x6

Flooding comes with little notice. Don’t let your business drown in #downtime be #prepared http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/i90r90d7kmmb/636692707736087788?userid=d5xup3axei1dx

All disasters have technology, people and process implications. Check out this Disaster Survival Guide to ensure that your business is prepared for all three. #dataprotection http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/bsnabca2we92f http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/bsnabca2we92f

Every business has to prepare for the worst. Those that don’t, may never fully recover from a disaster. Is your business protected from disaster related downtime?

As mere mortals, some things are out of our control – e.g. other humans and the weather. Data loss is unpredictable, but how your business reacts to it doesn’t have to be. #disasterrecovery http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/bxbzfjvlemmro http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/bxbzfjvlemmro http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/bxbzfjvlemmro

Are you in a hurricane or coastal storm area? Make sure your business is #prepared http://cache.amp.vg/datto-content.amp.vg/view/d05mjize5a2hp/636686651242263682?userid=d5xup3axei1dx

Mother Nature is an unstoppable force. Fires, floods, hurricanes, or blizzards, natural disasters happen and so does downtime. The good news? Protecting your business is easy. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/cji6r35toiqen http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/cji6r35toiqen

Do you know that the #1 cause of data loss is human error? We can’t put all the blame on Patrick in Accounting. We’re only human after all. #infosec